07 October 2016

LDF16: International Working and the Design Industry

Every year, the London Design Festival brings design professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to London for events, workshops, talks, pop-ups, installations and much more. The Victoria and Albert Museum acts as a hub for the festival, hosting new artworks and a wide programme of events celebrating the ever-changing design industry. CreateVoice members were kindly invited to attend some of these events and share their own perspectives.

Next up: A Masterclass from Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien on the hybrid nature of their design practice Doshi Levien, and a Masterclass from Spanish Architect and Design Patricia Urquiola.

 Doshi Levien design for Hay in 2014 via Dezeen

During the 2016 London Design Festival there were several fantastic talks held at the V&A. They covered many areas of art, design and innovation and also provided a very interesting social commentary on modern design practices. Designers there included the famous Doshi Levien and Patricia Urquiola who showed us their present and past projects but also the process of getting a product to where it needed to be, the steps of design from start to finish. The whole experience was very inspiring and we got to hear their stories from the inside and learn lots of invaluable information that could help encourage any future designers.

Glas Italia Table designed by Patricia Urquiola via Dezeen 

It was also quite the interactive experience because at the end, the designers always tried to make time to answer any questions that the audience may have. This is quite a different experience to other panel events I have attended as sometimes an ‘elitist’ attitude can be taken and there is not that much interaction, this is what made the experience at the V&A different.

I would love to go again or attend something very similar as it was a great experience and the advice I got will help me for many years to come.

Words: Gift Ajimokun
Images: © Nipa Doshi and Patricia Urquiola 

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