13 March 2013

Keith Harrison Project

A couple of weeks ago some of us had the opportunity to participate a project with Keith Harrison - one of the Victoria and Albert Museum's ceramicists in residence. We started on Saturday with a little introduction, - Keith showed us some of his past works and explained his plans for an exciting upcoming project, the concept behind which is; 'Collective Action for a new perspective'. The idea for our project with Keith was to build a structure next to, or over a famous ceramic work. Not only to look to it from another point of view, but also to surpass the piece of art in a way, taking inspiration in the Architecture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum. We began working in pairs to make a basic model with clay and bamboo sticks, It was great fun to do! We ended up with four exciting models and to conclude the first day - discussed the ideas we had.
The aim of the Sunday workshop was to build a larger model of our proposed ideas. On Sunday we made progress on building the real sculpture. Every group had different ways of approaching the brief and different idea’s so we ended up with greatly contrasting sculptures. They were all large-scale and primarily made of paper sticks and clay. We were all pleased with the results, which brought some new life into a previously quiet room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
I think Keith's creative thought processes were very interesting as well as his concept behind the project which was to 'get over a famous piece of art', by just literally making a physical structure to 'get over it'. Being involved with this project has encouraged me to look differently at how I approach making art. Making use of creativity to take over a room was really interesting and Keith Harrison was engaging and enthusiastic to work with.              

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Words: Romy Snijders

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